penimasterpro-partsI’ve been strapping myself into the Penimaster Pro for a full 6 months.

So now I’m posting this review to reveal my before and after pictures and talk about my results with you all.

I’ve been embarrassed about the size of my penis since I was 17.

That was the year that I split up with my first girlfriend.

After we split up she told my that I had a little d*ck.

She even told all of her friends so whenever they would see me or walk past me that would laugh and wiggle their pinky finger.

Sure my member was only 4.5 inches but did these people need to be so cruel?

I’m 25 now and ever since then I’ve always found it hard to let women get close to me.

My confidence was low and I just didn’t want to open myself up to get ridiculed again.

Having someone turn on you like that can really mess you up.

So for the past couple of years I’ve been looking at ways to try and make my penis bigger.