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What’s special about penimaster pro?

PeniMaster PRO (PMP), the penis enlargement device was introduced by the German company MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG.

The company has mainly two product lines, which are the Penimaster and the Penimaster PRO review. The difference between the two products lies in how the device can be attached to the glans of penis:

  • PeniMaster – It is somewhat similar to SizeGenetics (one can go through the SizeGenetics review), but is designed with a little better quality material. It can be attached to the Penis by means of a strap. You may find this a little uncomfortable with time as there needs to be a strong pressure for keeping the penis glans in the proper place.



  • PeniMaster PRO – This one is similar to the PHALLOSAN forte (you can go through the Phallosan review), but can also be used in other ways. The PRO version can be attached to the penis by means of a vacuum head piece. As a result, you will have an infinite number of ways to for doing your PE exercises. A number of items can be used for the purpose such as a belt, an extender rod, or weights. It is the flagship extender of PeniMaster and the remaining part of the review will focus on it.


You can buy the PeniMaster PRO Complete Set (€289 Euro) from the Official Website of MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG. Beware of the cheaper duplicates of eBay, the fake resellers or the coupon links.

What does men say about penimaster pro

penimasterpro-partsI’ve been strapping myself into the Penimaster Pro for a full 6 months.

So now I’m posting this review to reveal my before and after pictures and talk about my results with you all.

I’ve been embarrassed about the size of my penis since I was 17.

That was the year that I split up with my first girlfriend.

After we split up she told my that I had a little d*ck.

She even told all of her friends so whenever they would see me or walk past me that would laugh and wiggle their pinky finger.

Sure my member was only 4.5 inches but did these people need to be so cruel?

I’m 25 now and ever since then I’ve always found it hard to let women get close to me.

My confidence was low and I just didn’t want to open myself up to get ridiculed again.

Having someone turn on you like that can really mess you up.

So for the past couple of years I’ve been looking at ways to try and make my penis bigger.

Increasing Penile Sensitivity with Phallosan

Phallosan is the newest, most innovative penis enlargement device on the market today.  Unlike penis extenders, Phallosan exerts a uniform pressure along the entire penis – including the penis head.  That means you experience increased blood flow and growth throughout your entire penis.  Even if you don’t want a bigger penis (which would make you a small minority or men!), you can still benefit from wearing Phallosan.  That is because Phallosan can increase your penis’s sensitivity, thus making sex even more enjoyable.

Phallosan forte infophallosan forte pump function

There are nerve endings all throughout the genitals which send pleasure signals to the brain during stimulation.  The highest concentration of nerves are located in the penis head.  The penis is actually designed to maximize the sensation of pleasure from these nerves.  When stimulation occurs, the foreskin slides back along the penis shaft, rubbing the penis head in the process.  There are nerves along the inner and outer parts of the foreskin which also cause pleasure as the penis hardens.


Unfortunately, circumcised men do not experience as much pleasure from sex because they lack the nerves on the foreskin.  Further, circumcised men miss out on the stimulation which occurs when the foreskin rubs against the penis head.  Without foreskin, the penis head is only stimulated during sex from rubbing inside the vagina.


Aside from circumcision, there are other reasons why you may not be experiencing as much pleasure as you could be during sex.  Foremost, if your blood is not flowing well to your penis (throughout the day, not just during erection), your nerves could become weak and not transmit pleasure signals as well.  Damage to your penis, such as from constantly rubbing against tight underwear, could also damage your pleasure nerves.


Phallosan Forte is designed to increase your penis size.  But one of the first benefits that men report is that they are enjoying sex better. The reason for this is because Phallosan helps improve blood flow to your penis head so your nerves are healthier and transmit signals better.

When you use Phallosan, you are also causing your penis head to become engorged with blood.  This makes the nerves in the penis much more sensitive to stimuli.  After using Phallosan for several weeks, you will already be able to see some noticeable size gains in your penis head and throughout the shaft.  Simply, when your penis is larger, the pleasure nerves are also larger and easier to stimulate.


There are a few other methods of increasing penis sensitivity, like applying circulation-boosting creams or taking vitamins.  However, Phallosan is the only method of increasing penis sensitivity which also permanently enlarges your penis.  Since most men are displeased with their penis size, Phallosan can be a great solution for improving your all-around sex life.


Penis Enlargement Methods with ProSolution plus pills

prosolution plus 3 packA big penis speaks volumes about the sexual prowess of a man. You cannot simply wish away the fact that men with larger penis are more successful in love life. People with smaller penises tend to run away from sexual encounters due to embarrassment and fear of ridicule. So it is highly imperative that your male organ is of adequate size in order to have a satisfactory sex life. Together with the use of ProSolution plus pills you will be able to gain a lot of penis size in a few months.

However, not all of us are blessed with stupendous penises. But there is no need to worry now. Scientifically proved penis enlargement methods are there to help you. The safest method is penis enlargement exercises, which may give you permanent solutions to your problem. The most preferred exercises are the Kegel method, Jelqing and penis stretching exercises. They are indeed fruitful for younger males. Some prefer surgery, but the side effects here are sometimes very severe.

ProSolution pills can be very good

Penis enlargement pills can also help increase your pens size. There are dozens of chemical or organic matter based pills available. The efficacy and side effects of each of them differ. You can also resort to male enhancement creams too, which you have to rub on your member on a regular basis.

But is has been seen that many so called penis enlargement pills and potions are nothing but scams. Thousands of people have lost their money and the sellers of such spurious drugs have made considerable fortunes by selling these. So I want you to exercise caution while looking for such drugs.

Natural penis enlargement methods are the safest bet as they eschew the need for untested drugs and unscientific tactics. Organic biochemicals can help improve the penis size as well as enhance potency and sexual prowess. Proponents of this theory profess that a combination of exercises and biochemicals can work wonders to not only the size of your penis, but also your ability to perform and satisfy.


Penimaster Pro- Look No Further For The Best Choice!

penimaster pro strapIn this penimaster pro review you will be able to read all about the PeniMaster Pro and how it works and what results you can expect from this device.

The penimaster pro is one of the many penis extender tools out there. You may have probably come across some reviews that deem the tool as not being functional enough for use. Upon taking the feedback of other users and also based on my own opinion as well, all I can say is that there is more to this German-made penis extender than you may be aware of. In this penimaster pro review, you are going to have an in-depth knowledge on the tool.

As it is expected to do, penimaster pro will give you the desired length gain upon being used correctly; in addition to this, your person will get a little bit thicker since based on the biology of the human body, there is bound to be an increase in girth with length increase. Considering the feedback of men that have tried out different penis extenders in the past, the feedback on this tool was quite positive.

What makes penimaster pro different from the rest?

This penimaster pro review does consider the client feedback and considering the rival companies, people that used penimaster did not have an increase in length and girth but what made the tool likeable and most preferred is the fact that it offers much comfort.

Most companies will try to win clients by convincing them that their extenders are 100% pain free which is not the case; what differs is the nature of comfort that you’ll get upon using their products.

Standing out as the best choice, the mechanism upon which this German penis extender works is pretty much like that of the other tools for the same purpose in the market. Penimaster pro however combines all the best features of the other tools and in the long run, you are going to get faster results in a shorter span of time.

How does the penimaster pro work?

Just as much as it is clearly known that nothing good comes without being worked hard for, getting to give a bigger Johnson will definitely demand your effort and dedication.

You’ll first need to secure the tip of your penis into the glans chamber of the tool; before this however, you’ll be needed to create a partial vacuum in the glans chamber with the aid of either the pump ball or the hose. In the latter, you’ll create a vacuum upon sucking air from the glans chamber via your mouth. The good thing about the glans chamber is that unlike the hard noose, blood circulation will not be hampered.

For the belts, one end of it will be needed to be either around your waist, your lower thigh or on your shoulder based on where you are most comfortable with and the other to the end of the glans chamber so as to be able to exert the pulling force on your penis. Alternatively, you can also use the extender rods; for these, you’ll be needed to have the end of the extender rod attached to the glans chamber.

Most people would prefer to use the extender rods which are also recommended except that upon using penimaster pro, you’ll not have to tolerate the irritation and discomfort of a hard noose.

The Unique Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills

male extra reviewA man’s penis is the most potent tool in making his love life complete. Men invest quite a substantial amount of time thinking about the size and strength of their penis otherwise they will be termed impotence even if their small tools work. No man wants to hear this word. In addition, no man wants to hear their women complain about their penis functionality whether size or strength. Those with an average and above sizes are proud of their flesh. Men with small penis are constantly looking for tips and products to rectify this natural condition. They believe they should do everything possible under the sun to increase their sizes at least to the average.

Does Male Extra add to solutions of male penis sizes?

For centuries, numerous products in the market claim to increase penis sizes including stretching exercises. Not until Male Extra enhancement pill review landed to rescue this condition. The results are tailored towards guaranteeing those men with smaller penis larger, stronger and more potent penis functionality. Whatever the products, tips or guides that is in use, adding an inch, two, or even more will be a welcome result. Since small penises are emotional issues to owners and to those women who love’s fate subscribed them, looking for ways to solve this problem is equally justifiable.

Is it Penis Size or is it its Use?

Sex therapists argue that penis size isn’t a big deal in love making. They argue that sex is in the mind and penis use matters. Although lovemaking is diverse and however true this may sound, for men, it counts to have one above average and one, which is muscular. The larger part of a man’s penis is merely a muscle like all other skeletal muscles in the body. Increasing muscular functionality is all about exercise. That’s what anatomy and physiology sciences say. Therefore, since penises are purely muscular organs, exercise will contribute a greater part in enlarging the same and to a permanent state. The major difference observed between exercise and male enlargement products such as male extra is chronic and instant results.

The Male Extra Enhancement Pill Uniqueness

While small penis is a real issue in men, numerous products dominate the market that claim to solve this problem. What really works, what really is the value of your investment? Male Extra is a pill that gives both internal and external health benefits. This natural supplements developers had in mind the health benefit means of trying to increase the penis size. Of all other products that do the same work, you will find that this pill is unique. It gives results up to 3 inches in addition to having all ingredients required for the same job compared to others.
Where do men’s bedroom confidences come from? When it comes to bedroom issues, penis size, strength, erection time and semen ejaculation issues count. Men’s confidence in the bedroom isn’t a compromise. Lack of sexual confidence is mind wrecking and can affect otherwise unrelated important work outside the bedroom. Male Extra is a product that is not only about penis sizes, strength and functionality but also about improving whole life in general.

Virility Ex Pills- The Perfect Male Enhancement Pills

Most men have the desire to increase the size of the penis and improve their performance in bed. However, finding the best male enhancement product is quite hard, considering the big number of these products in the market.

virilityex pill ingredients review 2016

Virilityex pills are male enhancement drugs that help increase a man’s penis size in the safest way. It also helps those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction problems, offering them the opportunity to obtain good results.

Virilityex pills contain a blend of natural herbal ingredients, amino acids, and other similar ingredients that help support male virility and improve performance. The fact that it’s 100% made of natural ingredients means that chances of encountering any side-effects are slightly probable.

How does VirilityEx pills Works?

Virilityex works by expanding the Corpus Cavernosum (two cylindrical tissues inside the penis that fill up with blood during arousal). The expansion gives you a bigger, stronger, and firmer erection that you could never have imagined. More on that here

VirilityEx Benefits


Virility Ex helps you turn great sex into amazing sex. In a few months of consumption, this supplement can result in remarkably incredible changes in the size of your penis as well as noticeable performance in bed. With the supplement, there will be no more embarrassments and humiliations.


Unlike other male enhancement products, Virility Ex guarantees you safety when consuming it. It’s medically proven, unlike many other supplements that contain harmful substances. It offers men the chance to experience results without encountering any side-effects.

Reliability and Cost-effectiveness

Virility Ex is probably one of the cheapest male enhancement products in the market, therefore, purchasing it will not require you to dig deeper into your pockets. Also, acquiring the product from the stores is quite simple.

So, are Virilityex pills right for you? Virility Ex is one of the most appropriate choices when it comes to male enhancement products. Mainly, it’s because it works correctly without causing any severe side-effects, and its price fits just perfectly into your budget.

Try Virilityex pills today and watch the size of your penis grow and also improve your performance in bed.

Review of the ProExtender device

The notice of the name ProExtender will let you know that something great is heading up. ProExtender has been around for quite a while now and has picked up the admiration and trust of individuals who are into the male upgrade corner. The organization possesses the top space of the best organizations that handle quality penis extender mechanisms today.

proextender device and manual

A ProExtender audit of the organization’s items might be sufficient to provide for one a thought why the organization is first rate. You will read about how the organization outperforms in client administration and post-bargain help. What’s more if that ™s insufficient, the organization additionally possesses and works Penishealth, a heading male extension activity program in the industry. Different organizations that offer the same items could not hope to compare with ProExtender by Juan V. Compton.

ProExtender the company

Notwithstanding, we know of the company’s great notoriety. Anyway does it consequently implies that its penis extender item is of first rate quality as well? The response might be yes. In this ProExtender audit, we will know how the company’s drive for magnificence characteristically deciphers in amazing items. An organization doesn’t revel in the trust of the purchasing open in the event that its items are of mediocre quality. Which purchaser disparages an item that is made by an organization with doubtful notoriety?

Thus, how does this item function and what makes it so compelling? The ProExtender penis extender utilizes a traction framework which permits an individual to wear it for an expanded time of time without feeling any uneasiness or without creating damage to their sex organ. Research center and clinical tests were carried out on the mechanism so the level of pressure and traction is only enough for the male organ to accomplish the sought effects without being harmed. This is the thing that a ProExtender survey implies each time it says about the item as having passed quality gauges.

The unit is agreeable and advantageous to utilize as well. It could be worn without being caught if the man’s trousers are detached enough. It can likewise be worn regardless of the fact that one is dozing, despite the fact that its producers wouldn’t prescribe this. Best of all, the apparatus could be changed in accordance with splendidly fit the penile shaft that it feels like you are not wearing the extender whatsoever.

This is particularly significant acknowledging the presence of false online stores offering male development items. We all are acquainted with stories of individuals being robbed of their hard-earned cash through deceitful tran.

Penomet Before And After; Real Testimonials

penis enlargement with a penis pump called penometPenomet Before And After – If you have watched photos and videos of people who have achieved Penomet results, then you will particularly be amazed with how the device works. Most people have uploaded pictures of their Penomet before and after use and most think they are fictional effects of Photoshop. It is particularly good to see the result of a product shocking and attracting unbelieving reactions. That gives an idea that people have tried to achieved the same with other products and have never got results. That is why the Penomet before and after videos would draw mixed reactions.

I have a friend who wanted seriously to do an adjustment to his manhood. He believed that increasing the size would give a good experience and sex life. He therefore took a photos of before and after and when he achieved results thereafter, he decided to come up with additional Penomet before and after video. He received various comments and most would not believe in his Penomet before and after video. However, those who knew the powerful workings of Penomet agreed. Of course this reaction of amazed Penomet before and after is not something that would surprise me.

Penomet Before And After-Getting Contact From Ladies After Penomet Video!

Most men dread to make the Penomet before and after pictures and videos because they think that is exposing their precious tools to the general public. Some have different opinion. They say that Penomet before and after pictures they uploaded on the internet made them get some contacts from a good number of females and they utilized such opportunity because they wasted the potentiality of their tools; they are compensating the time when they had that inferiority complex.

I thought that was funny; but the joy of attaining what you thought was impossible always bring that excitenmet and you want people to see that it has happened. My neighbor informed me that her ex-wife had left because of the size issue. And when the ex-wife saw his Penomet before and after picture, she had to call and she wanted to confirm with her naked eyes if it was true. He told me that he did some work on her until she wanted to be with him again. He could not because he was already having a relationship with a hot chick next door.

That inspired me. Perhaps I could use Penomet to try to bring back my first girlfriend back. She was my heart and she knew how to play. But things could not happen because this guy just appeared from nowhere and grabbed her from me. I believe they guy could be having a good tool. I was inspired and believe if I made a Penomet before and after video and post it. Maybe that could do the magic, I could get her back.

What do you think? Should I make my Penomet before and after video to get her back? Do you think it can work? Maybe I should try it because I see you are not going to help! Or perhaps my Penomet before and after video might end up attracting you, in case you are a lady! Oh with that I would try it.

Say Good bye to Smaller Penis Using Hydromax pump

hydromaxGet yourself pumped to increase the size of your penis permanently by saying goodbye smaller penis after using Hydromax pump. This penis pump has become well known among most of the men all over the world, thanks to the amazing results that it offers. Read this Hydromax pump review further to see how effective this can be for you to become more intimate with your wife or girlfriend.

Hydromax penis pump

Hydromax pump claims to be a safer, natural method for penis enlargement when compared to other methods available in the market today. Hydromax pump is essentially a penis enlargement device that uses the power of water to help you have a bigger penis. What makes this device unique from other devices is the revolutionary design. This device is used when taking shower or bath. All you have to do is just put the pump around your penis and start pumping it. When you start pumping it, the water surrounds the penis and results in vacuum suction and draws blood into the cells of penis making them to swell up and dilate. In addition to this, this process creates an immediate effect due to constant pumping of the device.

Hydromax pump will help you get harder erections that also lasts longer. Another interesting that makes this penis enlargement device unique from others is that it assists men suffering from impotence. Unlike other penis enlargement devices available in the market, it does not have any side effects that affects your health. Since its just a physical device and you will be not taking any pills. It’s also very popular among men who are suffering from curved penis.

Hydromax pump offers an awesome money back guarantee so you need not worry about any financial risks involved after buying this device. Whether you use this device for an hard rock erection before having sex or bigger penis size you won’t be disappointed.